由国度水利部综合奇迹局结合计谋投资者提议建立的国家级专业水务投资和运营管理的中国水务投资有限公司处置本火开辟和供给、地区间调水、城市供排水、城市生活污水处理、苦咸水淡化等水务行业投资运营管理及相干增值效劳, 中国水务投资有限公司将充分发挥和应用本身及各股东单元的资本、融资、管理和人材上风,力图将公司打形成环保家当中受当局信任和社会尊敬的最具有影响力的卓着品牌。

     Shanghai Environmental Protection(Group) Co., Ltd(SEPG)_2007澳门太阳城_138.lv_太阳网城上娱乐官网, established in May 1999. Prof. Gao Tingyao, former president of Tongji University, served as the chairman of the initial board of directors and directed the overall operation of SEPG. In order to further adapt to the market demand and pursue further development, SEPG became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Water Investment Co., Ltd. on January 1, 2011, and its registered capital was increased to RMB 265 million.
     Mainly relying on the technical support rendered by the National Engineering Research Center for Urban Pollution Control, Tongji University, SEPG has developed and mastered a number of environmental protection technologies and a number of new high-tech products through extensive cooperation and exchange with domestic and overseas distinguished universities, research institutes and businesses. SEPG commercializes and applies its updated scientific and technological achievements in the field of environmental protection, excellently reflecting the advantage of “enterprise-university-research” integration.
     The main business activities of SEPG include: development, production and marketing of environmental protection and sanitation products; general contracting, design, installation, commissioning and operation of environmental protection and sanitation projects; technological development, technology transfer, technical consulting and technical service in the field of environmental protection and sanitation. At present, its main technologies and products include key technology and auxiliary equipment for water treatment; various technologies and equipment for industrial wastewater treatment; key technology and auxiliary equipment for sludge treatment; technology and equipment for urban domestic garbage collection and transit; technology and equipment for integrated urban domestic garbage treatment and incineration,; special waste incinerator; exhaust treatment technology and equipment, etc.
SEPG has undertaken several projects in the field of environmental protection and sanitation since its incorporation. With its research and development expertise, financial resources, investment and financing capability, SEPG has also accomplished several waterworks, urban domestic wastewater treatment works, urban domestic garbage treatment and incineration power plants, solid waste treatment, urban domestic wastewater collection network and centralized medical waste treatment system of Shanghai, which features diversified financing patterns, such as BOT, BT, and TOT.
     SEPG has built up a solid presence in China’s environment protection business with its perfect operation and outstanding performance. Its parent company, China Water Investment Co., Ltd., is a national corporation specializing in water investment and management and co-founded by the Bureau of Comprehensive Development of the Ministry of Water Resources and other strategic investors. China Water Investment Co., Ltd. deals with water project investment, operation and management, such as development and supply of raw water, inter-region water transfer, urban supply & drainage services, urban domestic wastewater treatment, brackish water desalination, as well as the provision of other water related value-added services. China Water Investment Co., Ltd. will make full use of the competitive advantages of its shareholders in resources, financing, management and talents to develop SEPG into the most influential brand in the industry of environmental protection,being trusted by the government organizations and respected by the society as well.
     SEPG is dedicated to cooperating with you and making contributions for the happiness, health and sustainable development of the mankind.